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Every day, people use search engines to locate everything from entertainment to instructional information and answers to life’s most basic questions. Meanwhile, the amount of data and resources available is too great to quantify. So, how should visitors be able to discover your website specifically? If you’re selling products, you can be confident that finding your store amid all the other results won’t be difficult. And the fundamental goal of SEO is to optimize a website for search. In other words, SEO is one of the most important aspects of any online business, platform, or website. Especially if it’s for a business. This means that online stores must be well-optimized for search engines like Google in order to be successful at selling products. Do you have any idea how to do it?

If you are not an expert in this field or just don’t want to waste too much time, which is extremely precious right now, setting things up properly, today’s answer is for you. Try this fantastic Magento plugin to solve all of your problems and meet the gold standards of eCommerce. Are you curious as to how this is possible?

Why Mirasvit?


Mirasvit’s plugins are recognized for striking a good balance between price and performance. Modules are a wonderful option for organizations of all sizes because of this, which is highly useful. This, however, is not the sole benefit of this package. So, here are some of the advantages you could receive by installing this add-on:

  • Search engine rankings. The initial search on Google or any other Internet search engine is, of course, critical. The usage of customized content and search algorithms targeted to people might quickly boost the site’s search ranks. Advanced snippets can also be quite handy.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Utilizing an expert is much more expensive than using the Magento 2 extension, as previously stated. Simply go through the module options to identify what you’re looking for and how you may achieve your objectives. You can also use the SEO toolbar to keep track of your current level of optimization.
  • As a consequence, you will save a significant amount of time. Simply select the appropriate options and begin watching the program right now. If you want to make a bigger impression, you may choose from a variety of styles. As a result, there are no difficulties or complications with using meta tags. Everything can be set up in a matter of minutes!

What can you do with this module?

To describe the possibilities of the plugin it’s better to tell you about all the features that are hidden inside. So, this Magento SEO suite can satisfy you with the next things:

  • Toolbar. The SEO Toolbar is a fantastic tool for optimizing pages in real-time. You won’t have to utilize the search option to find all of the essential variables because this interface contains them all. The toolbar will also inform you if there is an issue and how to resolve it. As a result, you’ll have more free time on your hands.
  • Customization. This module allows you to alter meta-data patterns. If meta-data is absent from a page, it will be automatically filled in. The tags you’ve already added will not be changed. Tags can be applied to a number of different types of pages using the established patterns. Variables may also be used to get rid of duplicate data in your templates. Setting aside time to prioritize your templates is a wise option. Any unwanted holes or tags may be removed straight immediately as well. You’ve just saved yourself a significant amount of time! The Magento SEO Suite add-on is really useful. All that is required to improve this module is the insertion of relevant information and rules. Another useful feature is the ability to customize these pages. To change the information of specific sites, use the Rewrite Manager. The changes are made to the templates.
metadata editor
  • Changes to URLs It’s critical to pay attention to how your URLs seem. This program allows you to clean and read extraneous parts of a URL, as well as fully reconstruct it. It’s conceivable that it’ll be removed from the system. There are plenty of alternatives to get the finest URL optimization outcomes.
  • Tags. Alternative tags can be used as well. Pages with several versions or canonical tags, for example, are used. Without these markings, certain versions may be considered copies, which might result in a penalty. Alternative, hreflang, and «next and previous» tags are also available. If you want users to be able to access a separate version of your site, you must first complete the first step. The second is identical to the first, but it is connected to a multi-language framework that allows visitors to quickly find the correct version. The final two tags are necessary to keep the sequence of pages in order.
  • Redirects. Another tool that helps managing SEO tasks easier is redirecting management. When a URL is changed, the search engine must reroute readers to a new page, which is an important aspect of SEO. In order to maintain a previously determined search ranking, this is required.
  • Cross-linking is a term that refers to the process of You may rapidly build cross-links with this module. There is no tough work for you to perform aside from picking the connecting parts; the module will take care of the rest. Cross-connections can be beneficial in a variety of situations. For example, if you want search engines to understand the structure of your website without difficulty.
  • Sitemaps with more sophisticated features. There are several options available: The first step is to learn HTML. To make the best map, fill in the needed parameters. XML (Extensible Markup Language). Google optimizes your XML sitemap for you, adds and eliminates unique file links, and tags and labels your product images automatically.
  • High search ranks are beneficial, however, they are insufficient in terms of CTR. Adequate information should be given in the findings to keep people interested. In this case, snippets are crucial. As a result, the module creates relevant, rich snippets with a variety of facts, helping users to learn more rapidly. To make navigation easier, breadcrumbs can be added to the search results. As a result, any search engine will have a better understanding of the website layout.
Breadcrumbs example

Because it may be difficult to discover this information on your website, the search results should also provide your contact information. Especially while using a mobile device to browse. It also offers your store a more respectable and intimate vibe to potential customers. Thankfully, this article is simple to read. So, now that your CTR search has improved, why aren’t you doing that?

Last but not least, there’s the issue of social media click-through rate (CTR). If you want your pages to appear beautiful when they’re shared on Facebook, for example, use this module to add Open Graph tags to them.

Start now

Following the installation of the module, you should take the following simple steps to begin resolving your SEO issues:

  • The first thing to think about is the built-in editor. Create meta-data for your pages with advanced customization and flexibility. To change individual tags, use the Rewrite Tool. Despite the fact that the rewriting tool is prioritized in a template, you may modify numerous pages and approve particular changes.
  • Set up snippets to provide potential customers more information about your goods and company. This enables Google to give all users information about your shop.
  • To prevent customers from seeing 404 error pages, make sure everything is set up correctly. Create an extension to direct users to the proper place instead.
  • If you want a more complicated solution for your website, use Autolinks to set up cross-linking.
  • To complete the approach, keep an eye on your map and be prepared to boost the popularity of your website.


If you ask us if we enjoy this module, we will undoubtedly respond affirmatively. Without a question, the best Magento SEO suite is designed by Mirasvit and it’s the most powerful extension available. According to different sites and extensions, it is one of the top places. It comes with a variety of useful features that are simple to use and provide excellent value for money. The idea is that the cost of this plugin is significantly less expensive in the long term than the price of hiring SEO experts. A sensible investment like this has the potential to pay off handsomely in the long run. If you want to help your company grow, this module is a must-try. Rather than waiting for a miracle, take control of your circumstances with the add-on!

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