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What is the definition of an affiliate? It’s more than simply a business partner; it’s a method to grow your company and make more money without putting in a lot of effort. Today, numerous firms all around the world profit from good affiliate programs. The main issue is that running competent software on your own isn’t easy. This implies that if you want to allow someone else to market your items and make money from them, you’ll have to employ expensive professionals. For many vendors, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, such a condition is unaffordable. Although Magento does not provide enough options for customers to establish an affiliate program, it does allow you to install extra plugins that expand the platform’s capabilities and provide you with what you want. So, what are your options?

Mirasvit has come up with a fantastic solution for us. A very practical, user-friendly, and cost-effective module capable of handling such difficult work. You only need to install it and you’re ready to go. Would you want to learn more about it? Then let’s get started. 

Features and working principles you have to know about

Now it’s time to look at the features, which are the most interesting and important aspects of any extension. Based on their needs, we split the features into many chunks. You’re relieved to learn that this plugin is both challenging and beneficial!


The Affiliate plugin puts the most crucial information directly on your dashboard! Have a look at:

  • In the last seven days, the number of active affiliates has increased.
  • Total number of affiliates 
  • Visits \sRevenue \sCommissions
  • Affiliates who are the most engaged and valued (TOP-5)
  • Most recent action

You may add banners and track data at the same time using the backend interface. The parameters are as follows:

  • Click Number
  • Many impressions
  • CTR Banner

This is the most efficient approach for detecting and addressing issues, resulting in higher overall productivity and profit.

Special Referral Banners

You may create several banners for various landing pages in the admin interface. Then you may refer to the traffic or orders in your business with these advertising on your affiliate website.



Affiliates have no control over banners, but they do have control over widgets! Size, title, commodity amount, product type, and so forth.

Simple and convenient withdrawal

  • Any affiliate program must allow for withdrawals, and it is important to guarantee that there are no future difficulties and that the withdrawal process is simple and straightforward. What are your cash withdrawal options? PayPal, Skrill, and a credit card store (Another expansion is necessary.)
  • The method was clearly laid out. Clear. To make it easier for consumers to keep track of what’s going on, there are four withdrawal statuses: pending, accepted or refused, and finished.
  • The lowest quantity that has to be taken away You have the option of setting a minimum withdrawal amount. As a result, a member is able to withdraw if this criterion is satisfied.
  • Retirement history. This solution is quite versatile, enabling you to go through your withdrawal history and even withdraw manually in the background!

View all important changes

Thanks to the Affiliate extension, your affiliates will have a clear and transparent transaction history. You may export transaction history as CSV and Excel XML files without the danger of hidden fees, account activity, or criminal withdrawals that go undetected and unregistered with one of Magento’s top affiliate networks.

  • Workflow at the Commission Check to discover if you’ll be paid a commission for using the add-on. This should only be done with the help of the law. If you wish to, you can cancel fees in the same way.
  • Keeping the Commission’s attention. You have the option of keeping a transaction open for a set period of time. For instance, till it’s checked.

Promotion Programs

the list of programs

Sales-based programs

An associate receives a commission for every order placed with a proposal. Only pay commission on items with a high-profit margin, and only on certain products, for example.

Clicks-based Programs

Affiliates can earn money from clicks people made via referral links, special banners, and various promotion widgets. This is a very convenient and profitable way of earning.

Leads-based Programs

Every time when a lead does something on the website, such as signing up or any other rewardable action, an affiliate gets paid. 

Views-based Programs

The quantity of banner views determines which commission an affiliate is going to get paid.

Hidden Programs

You may create and assign hidden programs to certain affiliates manually. All affiliates are assigned to all visible programs right away.

Tiers of affiliates

Different commissions or programs might be assigned to different sorts of businesses based on their classification. You may assign affiliates to various membership categories in a couple of seconds.

Referral Links

Each affiliate is given a unique code and a link to your company. The code in the link through the extension is used to track the affiliate’s traffic and orders. The amount of money for each of the affiliate’s unique referral links is displayed to the affiliate. Each Magento affiliate program in which they engage is described.

Discounts and Promo codes

An affiliate can also give a unique promo code for referred orders. Coupons may provide various savings depending on the limitations in the purchasing cart.

The benefits of the extension


We feel that the greatest approach to explaining that something is beneficial is to tell you about the benefits. As a consequence, we’ve opted to begin with outlining the advantages so you can understand why you should continue reading.

  • Your shop offers the most popular affiliate benefits.
  • The ability to impose retirement restrictions in a variety of ways.
  • Members that think outside the box have a better chance of succeeding.
  • Members may see the earning rules at a glance.
  • The commissioning procedure is described in detail.
  • To take affiliate promotion to the next level, automate it.
  • An affiliate’s Store Credit Account can be withdrawn for cash.
  • The transaction history is always available to you and your affiliates.
  • If necessary, take over withdrawals.
  • The ability to provide commissions or discounts on certain goods or commodity groupings.
  • Customers may now take part in profitable projects!
  • Pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-print are the four types of software available.
  • The four possibilities for placement are linked, banner reference, widget reference, and coupon reference.


Q: Is there a method for an affiliate to earn a discount/commission on sales made through the Affiliate module on their own?

A: This Magento affiliate plugin does not yet allow commissions on affiliate transactions done independently. An associate will not be paid a commission if they place an order. This behavior, however, may be altered by altering the extension code.

Q: How can consumers sign up for the affiliate program and become affiliates?

A: On the left side of the website, under the customer’s account, there is a link to become an affiliate. When a consumer registers as an affiliate in your store, they will receive a unique affiliate code.

A user can generate affiliate links for new consumers after becoming an affiliate. In their account, the relevant interface will appear. When an affiliate sends a promotional link to someone and that person clicks on it, our plugin detects the occurrence and creates a new client for the affiliate. Additionally, our plugin allows shop affiliate program participants to use one-of-a-kind coupons that may be allocated to only one affiliate. When a consumer uses one of these coupons, our extension connects them with a partner. That is how the finest Magento affiliate program works.


With the plugin designed by Mirasvit for Magento 2, affiliate marketing becomes a real opportunity for anyone. This is a great chance to move forward and take your business to the next level. Increase your conversion rate, sales rate, and total revenue. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special knowledge or special skill to use the add-on. It is super easy to start an affiliate program with the help of this plugin. So if you were looking for a good solution, you definitely found it.

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