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Elasticsearch module

Thinking like a consumer is the best method to understand their needs. As a result, we’d like you to respond to the following easy question: «What is one of the most significant features of an online store?» The search, among all other necessary factors, is really important. Furthermore, the larger your company is, the more critical it is to give individuals with adequate search options. The rationale for this is that you should be able to locate the required item with ease at any moment. This makes you feel at ease and satisfied, which encourages you to buy more and tell your friends about the shop. As a result, the profit is directly influenced by the search. What can you do to enhance your skills? 

If you haven’t found a solution yet, we’d be happy to share the one we discovered. A fantastic plugin that enhances many aspects of searching. The Mirasvit firm created an Elastic Engine-based plugin that allows consumers to locate anything they want in seconds. Now is the time to learn more about it!

The core of the plugin

search results

What is this add-on all about? As you already know, it deals with the search feature, making it more advanced and convenient. But if you are curious about the module’s structure and working principles, then it would be much easier to just look through all the features and see real potential and capabilities on your own. So what are the possibilities of this extension? Elasticsearch has a variety of uses, in fact. Let’s take a look at each feature one by one to make sure you understand everything. 

The first is the Auto-fill tool, which helps consumers to save time by completing searches considerably faster. Customers are encouraged to pick from a variety of alternatives in the expansion, which anticipates future purchases. The TypeAhead function assesses the most popular requests in the shop as consumers type in a product name to assist them to pick the best choice. Elasticsearch users have access to a quick mode. What advantages does having this functionality provide

  • People’s most popular searches. This makes it possible for everyone to see what the vast majority of people want. Use the top search rankings to find special offers or the most popular items. 
  • It’s ready to use while you’re on the road. In today’s environment, compatibility is usually a major benefit. PCs are far less widespread than smartphones and tablets. As a result, this functionality is quite beneficial in mobile versions. 
  • It’s easy to use. Choose what kind of data you want to view in the search results. 
  • It’s crucial to have a wide range of materials. This search yields, not just product names, but also other details. Users, for example, may quickly discover the required page.

Customization and flexibility are the next two features. Because of the foundation engine’s speed, customers may locate items in milliseconds. This is advantageous to your company since it has a major effect on customer satisfaction and sales volume. The package currently includes the following components in terms of speed:

  • There are layers for navigation. Unlike a regular Magento MySQL request, which is slow and consumes a lot of resources, this plugin speeds things up and reduces server overload. 
  • Scaling. A different strategy is required for large catalogs and high-traffic websites. This add-on uses a cluster to distribute data over several servers, improving the operation of your website.

More about searching capabilities

searching capabilities

This feature understands exactly what you want since it analyzes all queries and offers users fascinating choices. The first page should always include material that may be viewed to convince customers to remain. You may also modify the positioning of various items on the website after making a specific request. 

Another important consideration is morphology. It is conceivable that people will make errors, resulting in no search results, which is unfortunate. This is completely unacceptable. The plugin employs advanced technology to provide you with morphologically appropriate similar searches. 

Let’s have a look at the many search possibilities provided by this plugin:

  • There are a variety of additional possibilities as well. You may not have the needed goods in stock right now for any reason. The module offers the most comparable results currently available to prevent upsetting clients looking for this item in particular. 
  • Apps that are linked together in some way. Another way to make an informed selection is to demonstrate what other consumers like in the same way that you do. This set of similar questions might be used as a consumer guide. 
  • Languages can be selected from a drop-down menu. It’s also worth noting that these characteristics are represented in different languages. This ensures that the Elasticsearch add-on has a flexible foundation.
  • Code. Seek objects with unique symbolic codes. The process is accelerated since Internet users can look up SKU and ISBN numbers. 
  • From the crowd, words arise. Another tool that helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for, even if their request doesn’t quite match what’s available. Simply build a list of terms to increase the precision of your search. 
  • Autocorrection. Without this plugin, all misprinted requests are ignored. Meanwhile, the module automatically corrects any incorrect keywords, delivering the best results for consumers.
  • Sitelinks Search Box. This feature allows visitors to find your company straight from the Google search results page, which is quite useful in terms of total conversion rate.

Any material that appears in the web version of your shop may be found. In other words, you may seek it if it exists. As a consequence, every user that visits your website will find online shopping much easier and more enjoyable. For further information, see the following list of possible content categories:

  • There are additional third-party plugins available. This module can also scan the content of other systems and plugins. With additional plugins, you may achieve better results by combining Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources. 
  • You were the one who came up with this idea. Connect data sources that your customers believe will be helpful. This material appears in the search results as a result of the addon. 
  • All product characteristics are considered during the search process. 
  • All of the matching categories are visible to customers.
  • Customers can also use the extension to see the values of the selected attributes. 
  • For the content management system, it produced pages. In addition, all pages related to the request are shown.

Additional features

Searching is not the only process that is under control, thanks to the Elasticsearch Magento 2 extension. There are also some extremely helpful functions that will give you more space to improve and earn more money:

  • Reports. Data collection and analysis is one of the most crucial components of company success. Changes can be predicted and solutions for preventing difficulties identified via analysis. As a result, this plugin provides you with the information you need, such as the most commonly used search terms or the top search results. You may be able to improve your results by modifying your settings if you know how many requests and clicks you have.
  • Redirecting. What makes you believe that the end goal is more essential than the journey itself? It would be awful if customers couldn’t find their way to the proper place—your business. To ensure that your potential customers never encounter a 404 error page, all 404 error pages are monitored and maintained. All visitors are promptly routed to the given URL rather than landing at the wrong site. This page generally includes similar products, which encourages customers to stay and look around your store. This technology not only saves you time, but also money. This add-on also leads visitors to the proper location if you search for a single result.
settings screenshot
  • Special separate pages for landing. You may develop distinct pages with their own unique information that appear to be the same to enhance SEO. This is more commonly necessary to manage the product catalog and govern the flow. You might, for example, build pages for specific requests that only display products that are relevant. A fantastic feature may be used for a number of uses. Landing pages are beneficial and handy since they make them easy to use and run. However, use caution and keep a watch on these sites to ensure that they do not get confusing.


When it comes to online companies and eCommerce in general, there is a lot to talk about. It’s difficult to overlook the search functions in a company like this. Your online customers must accomplish everything on their own because there is no assistance or anybody on the internet. To put it another way, searching must be quick, simple, and user-friendly in order to please customers. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing clients and money, which is very dangerous. With Elasticsearch for Magento, you can take any store to the next level and provide your customers with whatever they want. It’s also a low-cost, trustworthy solution that can be utilized by businesses of all sizes. As a result, if you want to be a market leader, you’ll need this plugin.

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