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We live in a society where everyone is always rushing and there is no time to waste. When we have to wait for something, especially something that isn’t supposed to take that long, this drives us nuts. People currently place a premium on speed, therefore they would choose to eat at a fast-food café rather than a restaurant just because it is faster. As a business owner, you must understand the value of giving customers what they want. When we talk about the internet, we’re talking about the loading time. Nobody wants to have to wait for a catalog to be ready to browse. Everything should go smoothly to provide the impression of a pleasant, enjoyable encounter. Otherwise, they may desert you and relocate to an area with no such issues.

What can be done to avoid this from happening again? We offer a wonderful solution in the shape of a unique plugin for all Magento users that will help your website operate incredibly swiftly. You can secure the best working circumstances for you and your clients by using this add-on. Are you interested in learning how to do it? Let’s have a look at this as a group!

Main Features

screenshots of the interface

We chose to categorize features into several categories based on their intended use. This will assist you in organizing the facts you’ll learn today and deciding whether or not to use the plugin. The first section explains how to utilize it as well as what you should do with it.

This plugin allows you to prioritize the most essential websites depending on a number of factors, ensuring that your customers get the greatest browsing experience possible. In the meanwhile, all you have to do is relax and take in the show. Based on the number of visitors, the type of page/product, and other variables, rank the importance of each item in order of importance.

You’re also not limited by pre-defined templates or settings; you may change any of them to fit your unique needs. This plugin allows you to set the number of threads, the maximum run time, and the rate at which Cron jobs are done.

Each page has its own set of properties, such as the URL, customer group, and product type, as you may be aware. You may alter the cache warming rule, according to them. This allows you to keep the most important sites heated and ready to load at any time. You may also alter the HTTP headers of the request for each cache warming rule. 


Warming up isn’t required for some of the pages. Customers place a higher value on some pages of a website than others. A variety of normative documents, such as the FAQ page, are available on the website. In any circumstance, you have complete control over which elements you warm up. That’s why you should make a list of your top options and rank them! To make your website run smoothly, set the rules and take use of the extension’s versatility. Create a CSV file with a list of all of your most important pages, set the rules, and take use of the extension’s flexibility to make your website function smoothly.

It’s also essential that we keep up with what’s going on so that we can ensure that everything is secure and plan our future activities based on what we know now. As a result, you’ll be able to learn more about each cached page, including its kind and any warming rules that have been applied to it, as well as the precise time and date of creation/update/caching. You’ll be able to learn why the cache was re-cached, which is even more valuable information. You may also delete pages from the warmed list and clear the cache.

Getting rid of cache files


Magento provides this as a useful feature to its customers. The idea is that you won’t have to clear the cache very often. The Fill Rate graph may be used to keep track of cleaning actions and verify that your server is running well.

Debugging tools can assist you in determining the source of your frequent flushing or other problems. You may turn off cache flushing in the Cache Warmer options if decreasing the frequency isn’t an option or if you don’t need it at all.

Time-saving use

Human monitoring is no longer required as a result of this growth. Set everything up once after installation and then forget about it when it comes to maintenance and monitoring. The cache will be automatically restored. So relax and take it all in!

Additional Functions

Ready to work

You may need to change your settings based on your needs because different servers have different capabilities. This add-on includes three cache warming templates to pick from, so you can choose a high/medium type for almost any purpose or a soft one for stores with a higher load rate to make using the extension more easier and save you even more time.

statistics example

Command Line

When the frontend interface fails, we must resort to using the command line. You’ll be relieved to learn that the command line supports a wide range of commands and is simple to use in this situation, allowing you to complete all of your tasks.

Fixing tool

Is there a problem? Don’t worry; debugging tools will assist you in resolving the issues. On the test page, you may verify the cache state and, as previously indicated, limit access to particular IP addresses.

See if it’s OK

To avoid any problems, use the test page to ensure that everything is working properly. It will keep you informed about the cache’s status at all times. This website will auto-refresh, allowing you to unwind while avoiding slowdowns and latency. Some applications, such as Varnish, may cause the module’s functionality to fail in unusual instances.

You can also keep an eye on the system’s average load to see where the bottlenecks are. Use the custom graph to see when issues arise. Turn off cache warming until the server has enough power to perform correctly if loading delays are a concern. Set a threshold to automate the process and improve the speed with which your web pages load.


Allowing crawler robots to re-cache each time they visit your site might overwhelm your server. To enhance productivity, turn off user-agents in the Settings menu.

Check the reports to check if caching is working correctly and efficiently. This section includes information on both cached and non-cached pages. Get instant access to response time information and other details in the format that suits you best: a graph or a comprehensive table. If necessary, you may also export reports.

Why do you need this module?


Finally, we’d like to draw your attention to a few key features of this extension so you may better grasp the benefits available:

  • There is an activity in the background. You may make adjustments to any element of your internet company because the plugin operates in the background. The module will not crash or stop working as a result of this. In addition, the number of pop-up alerts and other distractions in your admin panel will be reduced.
  • There aren’t any restrictions. With the help of this plugin, you may cache any page. Unlike the normal Magento Edition, this add-on does not skip pages. Simply choose what should be cached and disregard any prior restrictions.
  • Complex Pages are a possibility. If you have a complex, heavy website, you may want to be able to choose which components of a tough, hefty page in your online shop should be cached. With the extension we’re looking at today, you can accomplish just that. Simply cache the most crucial section of your difficult page with the Hole Punch.
  • There will be no inconvenience. Crashing is never an option with the Magento Cache Warmer. The module caches the changed version of a page element, whether you add a new one or alter an old one. You can start using this feature right away because it doesn’t require any additional configuration.
  • On the system, there are no cache files. Duplicate caches might be created by different visitors from several Store Views, wasting disk space. To avoid situations like this, set up the Cache Warmer, and all new visitors will receive the same cache.


It’s a regular occurrence for individuals to overlook little things, and one of these minor elements of any eCommerce project is the loading speed. It’s tough to say how many consumers went to another store since they weren’t happy with the amount of time they had to wait for everything to be loaded. And we’re not just talking about major delays here; even little gaps might be enough to make you want to quit. Fortunately, the Magento full-page cache plugin will eliminate these difficulties, allowing you to enhance sales and improve your business.

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