Registraion Magento 2: What do you need to know?

Any eCommerce website has a lot of different elements, and there is a group of elements that are usually considered not too important. We are talking about various forms that users have to fill in upon shopping. The truth is these forms are much more essential than we think. Today we are going to discuss the very first form you see when you want to become a member of the community — the sign-up form. What is a registration form? It’s not only the way to access the website, but it’s an essential source of information. Don’t get it wrong — both customers and administrators benefit from comprehensive, neat, and well-optimized forms. Providing comfortable conditions is crucial to establishing the best working experience for employees and users. So let’s figure out what exactly you can get from such forms, how to improve them, and why you need to pay attention to this aspect of your online shop. This will help you achieve greater success and earn more money in the future. 

What is a Sign-Up Form?

a registration form

Customers must complete a Customer Registration Form in order to become a member of that company. The format and content of the form may differ based on the sort of data the shop requires from their clients.

The components of the form

Although each store will have its own form standard, the following information is normal and can be included: 

  • Information on contacting us. The most important information, such as name, email address, or phone number, is the first and foremost one that is requested in every form. You will need this information to contact your consumers later, so please consider which channel you will use to contact them and what you want to acquire.
  • Login information. Customers choose usernames and passwords for their e-commerce accounts here. You can allow them to sign in using their email address or phone number, or you can require them to create a unique username. 
  • Information on billing and shipping. This section may not be required because it requires more time and trust to fill up straight immediately. As a result, several online retailers allow clients to input this information when placing their first order. And the data will be carefully kept for future use. 
  • Payment specifics. One of the benefits of registering an account is that the payment information may be utilized for future transactions. However, keep in mind whether or not to enable them to preserve the information, since online transactions saved cards still seem insecure to some of them. 
  • Communication in the Future Not everyone is ready to join you in making a commitment. That is why, in the future, you must provide them the option of opting in or out of the contact list. It might be a Yes/No response to a statement or a selection from a multiple-choice menu. 
  • Questions from the survey. Yes, you may ask shoppers more questions to have a deeper understanding of them. A dropdown question, a multiple-choice question, an open text box, or a file attachment are all examples of question kinds. You can, however, designate some questions as optional to prevent any reluctance. This information may be utilized for a variety of purposes, including marketing forecasts, building an online community, and retargeting.

Advantages you may get

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Pros for sellers

  • Obtain adequate data: By having people fill out a form, you can collect vital information in a more systematic and transparent manner. 
  • Retain clients: It’s easier to create a relationship with consumers after you’ve encouraged them to fill out the registration form. 
  • Encourage repeat purchases: Customers who are already members of a shop are more likely to return. When information has been captured and preserved for future use, they find the login procedure to be easier. 
  • Improve customer communication: After obtaining client information, you may utilize it in marketing campaigns to promote new products, notify them of cart abandonment, or give them unique promotional offers. 
  • Support market research: The form makes it simple to categorize and export data. What a great method to get to know your clients and anticipate their wants so you can develop appropriate business plans based on the information you have.

Pros for customers

  • Get all of your questions answered at once: They are not required to answer the same questions at each stage of their shopping trip.
  • Information saved for future purchases: It saves time and work because their information is already stored.
  • Management of orders: It’s simple to keep track of your order and make any required modifications, as well as view your order history.
  • Keep up with the latest news and special deals by subscribing to our newsletter: Customers might benefit from early access or exclusive offers from the company.

Challenges and Tips

It may be quite annoying

If you’ve ever found yourself leaving a registration form incomplete, you’re not alone; account registration is still a hassle for some individuals. Understanding why is a good method to think about potential reasons and better your form as a result:

  • It takes time to complete a client registration form: Obviously, this form completing method takes longer than ‘Checkout as Guests,’ therefore they may find it inconvenient.
  • Information that is not relevant: Customers don’t want to fill out forms since they ask for extraneous information yet designate the queries as mandatory.
  • Long/difficult-to-answer questions: It’s also crucial how you phrase your inquiries. If the question is too difficult or takes too long to answer, customers will abandon it.
  • Receiving a large number of spam emails/text messages: Some people prefer not to receive promotional emails.
  • Privacy and security of data: A widespread concern is that their information may be disclosed to other third parties without their permission.
  • I don’t think it’s necessary to register: They believe that establishing an account makes no difference as compared to the ‘Checkout as Guests’ option, or they simply wish to shop once.

How to make it better

  • Not what you desire, but what you need: Remove the questions that aren’t required and just keep the ones that are.
  • Use a different phrase: Make your registration request as unique as possible. Use terms like ‘About You’ or your club’s name to pique people’s attention.
  • Demonstrate why registering is important: Make it clear what benefits they will receive from having an account.
  • Encourage customers to register an account by providing the following incentives: A strategy that might be used is to offer reward points or unique presents.
  • Optional and secure solutions should be included: Allow them to decide whether or not their information will be utilized and when it will be used.
  • Add security addons to your browser: Using Security and Google reCAPTCHA, you can better protect your website.
  • Reduce the time it takes to register: With One Step Checkout, you can put everything on one page.

How to create custom forms in Magento 2

To improve your website and make it easier for you and your clients to reach goals, you can use Magento 2 extensions that widen the range of possibilities, compared to the default version of the platform. Creating different custom forms is also the capability of modules. For example, you can try Form Builder designed by Mirasvit to create your own registration form with a more convenient and neat interface. This plugin allows you to choose the fields you want to add, create a special sequence of questions, and optimize the process of filling in. This is a great way to speed up the registration procedure, gather more useful information, and make it more enjoyable for both customers and administrators. Here is what you can do in terms of creating new forms, using this add-on:

  • Multiple columns option
  • Dynamic fields
  • The possibility to attach files
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Well-adapted, mobile-friendly user-interface 
  • etc. 

What else can be done to make a Magento store significantly better

Everything we spoke about in this text is a small fraction of what you can do to make your Magento more functional and convenient so customers would want to buy more from you. You can continue enhancing your store with the Magento 2 inventory management extension. Having Inventory Planner installed will help you to solve a frightening situation for any online store – out of stock. Additionally you will get an ability to track product sale rates and replenish your inventory accordingly and on time.


Customer Registration Form is a beneficial way to start collecting customer information and understand about them, but be aware of the fine line between what you want to know and burdens you may create for the shoppers. That is why you should consider different criteria before launching the form. With the help of Mirasvit, as you already know, form creation becomes an easy and enjoyable process that can also bring a lot of benefits, which is great in any scenario. So don’t waste your time and go use our helpful tips to become better. 

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