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What is the size of your product catalog? Is your website currently well-known? Actually, if we’re talking about the technical part of your project, it doesn’t matter. No matter how successful you are now, everything must be at the greatest level. Technical subtleties are also complicated and difficult to grasp because there are so many variables to consider. The search tool is one of the most important aspects of any online store. This doesn’t need to be explained because the search links visitors to their main goal – the items they came here to find. Furthermore, the quality of the search process and the outcomes of the search have a significant influence on the future success of your company. Customers are happy when they can find what they want quickly and without hassle. Meanwhile, happy customers are the best clients that help your company develop.

If you’re looking for a way to make your search process go more quickly and smoothly, we have a Magento plugin that can help you out. Install it, activate it, and enjoy the extension’s simple and intuitive operation that will take your store to the next level. Anyway, let’s go right to the heart of this module.

Meet one of the best modules for search-related tasks

What is this plugin, exactly? In fact, Sphinx Search is made up of four pre-installed modules. Everything improves, from the user interface to the algorithms. The search results are more detailed, and the search algorithms have been modified to help customers to locate products that Magento cannot. It also helps visitors with typing, navigation, and suggestions, so they may spend less time on your site while still having fun. The entire search process is greatly simplified by automation.

If you want to learn more about certain data, you may study individual reports created by this add-on. This will aid you in understanding your needs and resolving any problems that may occur.

Why do we believe it’s one of the most widely used plugins? This is because it allows you to optimize your search efforts quickly and effectively. Because of its amazing search speed and indexing results – over 500 queries per second with thousands of items in the catalog, to be specific – the Sphinx Engine sets the module apart from the competitors. In addition, the engine works flawlessly across all platforms. One technology may be unable to comprehend how so many disparate parts may be brought together to produce such remarkable outcomes.

Besides, in this module, you’ll find a plethora of functions as well as limitless search options. To help you become more comfortable with real capabilities, we’ve broken them down into sections so you can learn more about them.

Main features

  • First, display the goods that are currently available. It’s clear how crucial it is to pay attention to the smallest of things. Although it may appear obvious when reading the feature, conventional search engines do not provide such a clear and conclusive result. The add-on emphasizes available products while pushing those that aren’t to the bottom of the list. This offers your catalog a professional, up-to-date look.
  • You may narrow down your search by using the features of your product. To extend your search options, add product qualities to the list of possible criteria. Allow clients to search for products based on size, color, or other preferences. The search is also based on the SKU of the connected product, the category name, the associated content, and the selected choice.
  • You are free to search as many times as you want. The most effective way to find what you’re searching for is to search by product name. This plugin uses additional filters such as categories, features, CMS pages, knowledge base, Blog MX, WordPress Blogs, and so on. To put it another way, it works with any kind of material.
  • A validator for searches. This add-on includes a tool for analyzing and validating search results. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your search as well as any additional search options like auto-fill speed. You’ll always know whether problems need to be addressed using this tool.
  • It is necessary to use separate pages. Without the ability to construct landing pages, an effective search optimization tool would be incomplete. These components are designed to help you organize and ensure that consumers get what they want. You may create your own unique page for each request. As a result, visitors will be sent to a personalized page rather than a conventional page with a few results.
  • Suitable for all sorts of retail establishments. You have three options for installation: utilizing your store’s MySQL capabilities, installing on a different server, or installing on the same Magento server as your shop, depending on your needs. The plugin can be used in conjunction with these capabilities to help any business, which is great since it means you can utilize it at any stage along your journey.
  • Any language is acceptable. You’ll also be glad to find that language support does not necessitate the installation of any additional software. Because they do not need the use of specific dictionaries, the spell fixes are compatible with all languages. Allow the add-on to check your data in order to provide users with the most precise rectification results.

Reports to keep you aware

The reports generated by the extension should not be overlooked. What will you find out about yourself here? The reports are divided into two categories: most popular phrases and total number of search keywords plus interactions at any given moment.

Keep track of all the important search information and productivity in your present setup to make the most of your business. When you’re ready, organize and export the data from the reports by date and time.

Predictive completion

suggestion example

Consider how great it is to have intelligent suggestions in a specific menu. With the Ultimate Sphinx Search add-on, you only need to write a few characters for smartalgrithms to comprehend what you’re looking for, making the experience easier and more fun. In terms of the front end, the module provides the following to its users:

  • Defining a product category
  • Support for AJAX technology for quicker loading
  • Themes that are responsive are helpful.
  • Adding a picture and a price to the product drop-down box

The following options can also be changed:

  • The minimum number of characters required for a search to be successful.
  • The time before search results are shown
  • The results for the specific content type

Requests and typing rules

Requests and typing rules
  • Morphological data preprocessors. Specific algorithms will interpret your meaning and translate your request into the proper form, regardless of the word type you pick. This improves the accuracy of the results while also speeding up the search process. The words “apple” and “one apple,” for example, are considered traditional “apple” forms. As a consequence, the search results for both searches are the same. Sphinx Engine is the default in Russian, Czech, and English. A free module may be installed to increase the number of languages supported.
  • Look for the word “long-tail” in your search. This plugin allows you to search for hyphens, bits, and other odd characters, as previously described. It may be used in any store since it allows you to search for an item even if you just know part of the SKU. If the model number is wrong, people will no longer have trouble finding the item. Magento is unable to handle such complicated operations by default, as you are well aware.
  • Stop using synonyms and stop using words. Because the module identifies synonyms and recommends more relevant alternatives, you don’t need to know an item’s name to discover it. With over 60,000 items, this integrated synonym dictionary is enormous. This, like any AI, ensures that the work is completed properly. Stop words are permitted, with the exception of synonyms. This feature increases the accuracy of search results by specifying criteria. For example, prepositions and articles are not searchable and may be easily deleted. There are already 655 stop words in the pre-made list.
  • Correction of misspelled words. We don’t always know how to spell a product correctly since we’re seeking a solution to a problem. Sphinx Search, on the other hand, is not like that! Regardless of the language, this module corrects mistakes.
  • Fallbacks. If the whole phrase hasn’t worked, supplying customers with search results for a fragment of a term may be highly beneficial in many cases. Customers will receive a message instead of a blank page indicating that no goods matching the request have been discovered, but here are some ideas based on a part of the word. Customers are more likely to remain around and investigate your business if they haven’t met their objectives.


Sphinx Search Ultimate may be added to your Magento store to give your customers a light and pleasurable shopping experience. If you wish to achieve your objectives, this module will undoubtedly be of tremendous assistance to you. So don’t think too hard about it and just do it!

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